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I became an incomplete quadriplegic (paralyzed fully or partially in all 4 limbs) when I took my Covid-19 vaccination with symptoms starting only days after and leaving me fully quadriplegic on Feb 22nd, 2022. This has been medically proven and documented. I have an audio recording of a neurologist saying (before all testing was complete), that the Vaccine was likely to blame. Further testing concluded that it was the Moderna Vaccine. The first doctor who saw me said the paralysis was all in my head and ordered a psych consult, then left me lying alone in the hospital, screaming in pain.

I am completely paralyzed below the chest including my bowel and bladder functions. Parts of my arms are also paralyzed. I will never walk again, have proper full arm range or feeling, be able to use my bowel or bladder without a catheter and someone manually removing stool by hand. None of my care has been properly arranged, leaving all of the responsibility to one loyal friend

I was offered Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID) three times and told to prepare for life in long term care at age 35. Long term care is designed for seniors and does not have adequate staff to care for my complex medical needs. This would rip me away from my 9 year old son. Without having medical benefits/insurance (from my previous employer), the help of others, my son would lose his mom. I simply can't afford the hundreds of thousands of dollars necessary to pay for a private nurse and over night staff to care for me. The health care system is continuing to fail me, yet again.

I went public with my story hoping to raise enough funds to stay at home with my son. I do not want to be sent away, to slowly die in an overcrowded long term care facility. By crowd funding while the government offers me death or lack of adequate care, I am hoping to be a voice for ALL Canadians who need our medical system to change, for anyone who has been injured by the vaccine, for other quadriplegics who also suffer or for anyone offered MAID by the government instead of even the minimal care needed. Our government needs to be held accountable. That is why I launched Canada's first Lawsuit against Moderna. Most importantly I’m asking for HELP, so my 9 year old son doesn't have to lose his mother.

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